Terms & conditions

Revision Policy

  • As per WordMasters policy, being eligible for revision, customers are required to have followed the published terms and conditions that apply.
  • Those customers who fail to provide the complete set of requirements when placing their order with WordMasters, they lose their right to claim for revision.
  • WordMasters provides free revisions if and when any of the requirement as provided by the customer has been missed from our end.
  • WordMasters carries a policy of treating additional work not as a revision request, hence if and where customer asks for making amendments or additions that fall under additional work, then customer will be required to pay extra and that work would not be considered part of previously paid order.
  • The determination of fee for additional work is done by WordMasters using its own calculation matrix that is based upon the nature of work, size of document, order delivery timeline and level of writing standard required etc.
  • When the work on original order is in progress, then a revision request shall be put on hold until the original document is done and ready for customer’s review. This policy has proven a measure of controlling and enhancing the quality and timely delivery.
  • WordMasters strictly adheres to the policy of not delivering orders’ revision on Sunday & holidays.

Refund Policy

  • WordMasters accepts the refund claims from all of those customers who are able to prove their claims as valid in accordance with the terms and conditions as given here under:
  • Every customer who submits an order to WordMasters is considered to have read, understood and agreed company’s terms.
  • At WordMasters, we are following a policy of not accepting claims for 100% refund of paid amount. Whatever maybe the scenario, however we will not be accepting request for full refund.
  • When placing the order to WordMasters, customers agree to have pre-authorized the company to retain 50% of the paid fee as service charges and accordingly this portion shall never be refunded.
  • If a customer is not able to provide verifiable reasons and fails in backing their complaint pertaining to quality, compliance or delivery etc. then WordMasters will treat that claim as void. On the contrary, if customer’s claim is backed by genuine concrete documentary proofs then company shall entertain the request.
  • We at WordsMasters follows a policy of facilitation for its customers, thus we allow ten days period to customers for contacting us with refund claim. This timeline shall be counted from the day they get orders delivered.
  • WordMasters follows a policy of accepting refunds for orders whose timeline is more than 2 working days. In addition, in case of high level editing task like a dissertation or thesis – a minimum timeline required will be 10 days or more, if timeline is shorter than this period then such orders will also fall under no-refund policy.
  • Moreover, all refund claims are subject to a qualification process that requires extensive verification in the light of company’s policies. If a claim qualifies that is processed accordingly, whereas the claim that is found invalid or not justifying the claimed reasons, then that is termed as void and disqualified.
  • The finalization of the amount that has to be refunded to the customer is done solely by the company as per its polices, terms and conditions and findings out of its detailed verification and evolution process. Every customer is supposed to regard and agree to this privilege of the company. This criteria applies to all orders including revisions.
  • Once a refund claim has been declared as qualified, then funds transfer process is initiated that may take more or less 10-working days to reflect refunded amount in customer’s account.